Who. Am. I?

The teenage years are all about asking and answering this question, but nowhere is this more forefront than in high school.  Teens are on a quest to discover their personal identity.

Enter: SWITCH.

In the world of today’s teenagers, SWITCH makes a difference.

You see, for students, the pressure comes from all sides.  It tells them to compromise.  It takes their lives and tries to tell them that now doesn’t matter.  High school is just a time to have fun and experiment because real life won’t start till after.  It’s a time for partying, having fun, experimenting, and doing whatever you want, because none of this  really counts anyway.  It’s just practice.

The problem is that this isn’t practice, this isn’t rehearsal, this is it.  High school matters, and how you live while in high school matters.  The Student Ministry at Crossbridge Community is designed to help students make the SWITCH.

SWITCH High School Ministry exists to lead students and their families into growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

SWITCH is the on purpose, intentional, deliberate stance that Crossbridge Community takes regarding the current culture of youth in America, and our specific initiative in the Illinois Valley.  SWITCH is our response, our fight, our challenge of the status quo, and we do this by reaching, growing, and going.  These are our core values that you will find woven throughout every part of SWITCH.

Reach: We are committed to reaching the students and families in the Illinois Valley by whatever means necessary.

To reach the students and families in the Illinois Valley we have monthly fun events designed to be a place where students can invite their friends to come and be introduced to SWITCH.

Grow: We are committed to accepting students and families where they are and helping them to move forward spiritually.

We offer High School small groups several nights of the week.  Our student small groups offer a time to connect with peers, connect with adult leaders, and connect with Jesus.  High School small groups meet in several communities through out the Illinois Valley for more information please click here.

Go: We are committed to serving and loving the students and families in our communities.

Twice a year SWITCH offers opportunities for our students and families to serve others in the Illinois Valley.  Also we provide opportunities for our students to become more socially aware of national and global poverty by participating in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine and each summer we focus our energies and resources on a short term mission trip, usually located right here in the United States.

This is SWITCH, the High School Ministry at Crossbridge Community Church. To join us or for more information contact the church office at 815-434-3794